Notice: After October 1, 2017, the state special event license fee will be $100 for the first three days of the event and $40 for each additional day per location.

Temporary Food Establishments/Special Events

What is a temporary food establishment?
A Temporary Food Establishment is a retail food establishment where food is offered for sale at a fixed, temporary facility in conjunction with a single event or celebration not to exceed the duration of the event or celebration (such as a fair, carnival or festival).

Who needs to get a temporary permit?

All vendors that plan to offer for sale any edible goods (food, beverages, candies, etc.) to the public are required to obtain a license.

What is the purpose of temporary permit?

A temporary permit is issued on site after conducting an inspection of the facility. The inspection is intended to check areas of concern as it pertains to food safety. General cleanliness, proper food storage and protection, good personal hygienic practices and proper food temperatures are of major concern during the inspection.

What are the health department regulations and requirements to get a temporary permit?

You may download this document, Temporary Food Establishment Requirements, or come by our office at 4900 Richmond Square STE 200, Oklahoma City, 73118.

Whose responsibility is it to notify the Health Department of a special event?

Traditionally the event organizer contacts the health department and provides all information needed at least one week prior to the event to ensure smooth inspection and licensing for all the vendors. In Oklahoma City, the event organizer must notify OCCHD 10 days prior to the event with a complete list of vendors. Vendors are encouraged to double check with the organizer and call the Health Department personally when in doubt. To arrange for inspections, please see our contact information at the bottom of this page.

Temporary Event Permit Cost

Upon passing your inspection you will be issued a State Temporary Food Service License. The fee for this license is $100.00 for the first 3 days and $40.00 each day in excess of 3 days for duration of event. Those vendors doing business in Oklahoma City limits will incur additional fees. The fee for Special Event License/Food Service is $30.00 and for Special Event License/ Low-Point Beer and/or Alcoholic Beverage is $55.00.

To make a payment, there are several options. You may access our online payment system here.
Payments can be also made with cash or check made to the order of the OKC-County Health Department at the Consumer Protection office at 4900 Richmond Square STE 200 in Oklahoma City up to a week prior to the event.

For a refund of the temporary event permit license, please see our Refund Policy for License Fees page.