Total Wellness

The Total Wellness program provides FREE interactive weight loss classes for Oklahoma County residents to help prevent diabetes and heart disease. Classes meet one hour every week for eight weeks. All class participants have a goal of losing 5% of their body weight and being more active.

Classes are offered four times a year (typically starting in January, April, July and October). Daytime and evening classes are available throughout Oklahoma County.


Please email for more information regarding the Total Wellness program and enrollment in classes.

During class you will learn how to:

    Make healthy food choices

    Find time to be more active

    Change unhealthy behaviors

    Lose weight and feel great

    The program also provides free health screenings to class participants.

Screenings include:




Blood glucose

Blood pressure

Knowledgeable staff are available to review screenings results with participants. Referrals are made to health care providers and community resources if needed.

Is there a cost involved?

Total Wellness classes are offered at no charge (FREE) to Oklahoma County residents.