What is the Vaccines for Children Program?

The Vaccines for Children (VFC) program is a federally-funded state-operated program that provides vaccines at no cost to health care providers to administer to eligible children.

Who is Eligible?

Children from birth through 18 years of age who meet at least one of the following criteria are eligible to receive VFC vaccine:

  • Medicaid eligible: A child who is eligible for the Medicaid program (Soonercare in Oklahoma). (For the purposes of the VFC program, the terms for Medicaid-eligible and for Medicaid-enrolled are equivalent and refer to children who have health insurance covered by a state Medicaid program)
  • Uninsured: A child who has no health insurance coverage
  • Underinsured: A child who has insufficient insurance coverage
  • American Indian or Alaskan Native

Children whose health insurance covers the cost of vaccinations are not eligible for VFC vaccines, even when a claim for the cost of the vaccine and its administration would be denied for payment by the insurance carrier because the plans deductible has not been met.

While the vaccines are provided free of charge because they have already been paid for with federal tax dollars, doctors and clinics may charge an administration fee to help pay for their costs of doing business.