Employee Wellness

How Healthy is your Workforce?

CareerBuilder reports almost half of Americans have gained weight while working at their current job
• Smokers miss twice as many days of work per year than nonsmokers due to sickness
• Nearly 30% of adults have not participated in any physical activity in the past 30 days

How the TSET Healthy Living Program can help your employees:

Our assistance gives employers the tools they need to create a healthier work environment while ensuring health is part of the business culture.

• Develop strategies to improve nutrition, physical activity, & tobacco use prevention among employees
• Sample wellness guidelines that can be adapted to fit your organization’s needs
• Wellness efforts can be reassessed annually by TSET HLP staff to show progress
• Free assistance and support to apply as a Certified Healthy Business through the OK State Department of Health


Click here for the Worksite Wellness infographic

Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline
• Order brochures or break room posters for your organization to promote the 24/7 tobacco cessation services offered by 1-800-QUIT-NOW

Shape Your Future
• Healthy recipes and ideas for physical activity
• Free posters available for download to promote drinking water and making healthy choices

Wellness Now Health at Work
• Attend informative meetings at the Northeast Regional Health and Wellness Center to network with wellness professionals

Certified Healthy Business Program
• An annual voluntary certification offered by the Oklahoma State Department of Health
• Offered as a recognition and recruitment tool to businesses committed to employee wellness
• Applications are accepted each year between August 1st and November 1st