Reproductive Health, also known as family planning, helps prevent unplanned pregnancies. We help families and individuals plan and space their pregnancies. These services are available to both women and men.

The family planning clinic is staffed by experienced advanced practice registered nurses or nurse practitioners specializing in family planning.

If needed, a patient can be referred to OU Women's Clinic for further evaluation by an OB/GYN physician. In this case, a second appointment with OU would be scheduled.


For clients with a scheduled appointment with the nurse practitioner:

  • Family planning focused for men and women.
  • STI Screening
  • Routine breast exams starting at age 25. Referrals for diagnostic mammograms and ultrasound if needed, referral for screening mammogram at age 40.
  • Pap smears starting at age 21.
  • Birth Control services: IUD and Nexplanon insertion/removal
  • Prescription for birth control pills, birth control shot or ring for up to a one year supply.
  • BASIC infertility evaluation and education with referral to an infertility specialist if indicated
    (Patients in menopause or who have had a tubal ligation or hysterectomy do not qualify)

  • We recommend making child care arrangements before coming into the clinic for family planning services. We may need to reschedule your appointment if children are present for some types of visits or methods of birth control.

For walk-in clients (no appointment needed - Visit with RN only):

  • Condom for birth control and STI prevention, counseling on natural family planning to avoid pregnancy and basic fertility counseling.
  • Early Start is a walk-in service providing pregnancy prevention as soon as possible for teens and others. This one-time service offers females and males a limited supply of a birth control method, such as pills, IUDs, and condoms, among others. A medical exam by appointment will be required for ongoing birth control services. For more information, please see the Payment section at the bottom of this page.
  • Emergency contraception is a pregnancy prevention method available as soon as possible for females within three days after unprotected intercourse. Assistance with obtaining ongoing birth control services is offered and available. For more information, please see the Payment section below.
  • Pregnancy testing is available at our OCCHD North Clinical building, West, and South locations. Please see the Locations section below for more information.
  • Birth control supply pickup during the year following an annual exam with the NP.
  • Family Planning FAQ


    • Wide range of birth control available in clinic: Nexplanon, IUD (copper & hormonal), birth control pills, birth control shot or ring, condoms
    • Counseling on abstinence or natural family planning
    • Education or referral for sterilization if requested (tubal or vasectomy)
    • Family planning focused wellness exams
    • STI Screening
    • Cancer screenings - breast exams and pap smears for certain patients
    • Management of minor contraceptive issues
    • Management of certain minor vaginal and urinary tract conditions
    • Referrals to specialist when necessary


    Your visit may include some of the following, depending on the type of service you need:

    • Family and health history
    • Physical examination
    • Pelvic exam and pap smear for women
    • Measurement of height, weight and blood pressure
    • Laboratory tests, including blood draw, swabs or urine test


Fees are based on ability to pay per a sliding scale. Family Planning Waiver Medicaid (SoonerPlan) is available to those who qualify to assist financially for exams, supplies, pregnancy testing, etc. for both men and women 19 and over. Applications can be completed online prior to your visit. Assistance may be provided if needed when you come in for services.


Monday through Thursday, 8:00am to 4:00pm and Fridays, 8:00am to 12:00pm

North Clinic
2700 NE 63rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73111
(405) 419-4200

South Clinic
6728 S Hudson Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73139
(405) 419-4119

West Clinic
4330 NW 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
(405) 419-4150