Positive West Nile Virus Mosquito Sample Confirmed


OCCHD experts confirm one positive mosquito sample to be carrying the West Nile Virus (WNV) in Oklahoma County.

OCCHD Public Health Protection Director Phil Maytubby said, “Residents need to focus on reducing habitats where mosquitoes live and breed by getting rid of any sources of stagnant water and wearing repellent containing DEET.”

The best ways to reduce mosquito habitats: Empty buckets, flower pots, old tires from holding water. Empty and refill birdbaths along with your pet’s outdoor water bowl daily.

For standing water that cannot be drained, use microbial larvicides commonly called “dunks” that kill mosquito larvae before they emerge as adults. They are available at hardware or home improvement stores.

Maytubby notes mosquito season started about a month later than normal due to colder than normal temperatures, but is now beginning to ramp up. With the above average temperatures and rain becoming infrequent, we are concerned about the potential for West Nile transmission to be elevated. West Nile Virus can be debilitating and deadly.

Use 3-D’s and a “P” of mosquito safety:

  1. DRAIN standing water on your property so mosquitoes wont’ breed
  2. Use DEET repellent on your clothes
  3. DRESS in long sleeves and pants
  4. PROTECT – limit outside exposure and check window screens

West Nile symptoms include fever, headache, body ache, and sometimes a rash. The most susceptible are infants, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. If symptoms are severe, please contact your doctor immediately.

For more information, please visit https://fightthebiteok.com or https://www.occhd.org/eng/consumer-protection/mosquito-control.