OCCHD offers Free Resources to Create Healthier Businesses


Through the TSET Healthy Living Program at the Oklahoma City-County Health Department (OCCHD), metro businesses can receive free support to create a company health promotion plan for 2019.

Oklahoma recently ranked 47th in health rankings by the United Health Foundation. As a result, Oklahoma businesses could see increased healthcare costs for Oklahoma employees if overall health rankings remain low. To be proactive, businesses can schedule a free one-on-one discussion with a Healthy Living Program Business Coordinator to plan health promotion strategies that cultivate a healthier workplace culture.

Healthy behaviors can be reinforced at the workplace by adding fresh fruits and vegetables to a morning staff meeting or by taking a walk around the block. Tobacco use is still the leading cause of premature death among Oklahomans and supporting tobacco cessation is an effective strategy for businesses to reduce costly healthcare claims related to tobacco use.

“Adults spend much of their time at work. Our program is offering a way to make this time the healthiest possible by helping employees eat better, move more, and be tobacco free,” said Brittney Hodges, Business Coordinator for the Healthy Living Program at OCCHD. With a few small changes to a company’s culture, an emphasis on wellness can improve rates of absenteeism and increase productivity.

For free assistance on how your business can support the health of employees call 405-425-4490 or by email at healthyliving@occhd.org