County Health Rankings Released


OCCHD shares the 2018 County Health Rankings, a snapshot that compares counties within states. Published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the County Health Rankings show us where we are doing well and highlight what is working to improve health and wellness in Oklahoma County. Ranking in the top 1/3 of the state for health factors and in the middle for health outcomes, 21 and 28 out of 77, respectively, the County Health Rankings show us where we live matters to our health. OCCHD uses the Rankings, in collaboration with the Wellness Score, to target programming within our community.

The County Health Rankings shows that Oklahoma County has strengths in areas of clinical care, preventable hospital stays and diabetes monitoring, where it ranked first out of 77 counties. Additionally, the Rankings identified that Oklahoma County residents have much greater access to exercise opportunities and lower levels of reported physical inactivity compared to the majority of the counties in the state, strengthening our health behaviors rank at 8 out of 77. Through efforts like MAPS initiatives, Open Streets OKC and other amenities and events that the OKC-County Health Department and their partner organizations offer are making an impact.

Health is influenced by a range of factors and the 2018 Rankings shed light on what more we can do to make Oklahoma County a healthier place for everyone to live, learn, work and play. The Rankings indicate that Oklahoma County is at-risk for poor health when it comes to social & economic factors, such as education, poverty and crime, ranking 39 out of 77.

OCCHD has been working to address health opportunities by investing in education from early childhood through adulthood to boost health and employment by building the Southern Oaks Learning and Wellness Campus. This state-of-the-art campus will focus on the important partnership of health and education as foundations and provide an integrated clinic that serves the whole person. We can use this report to build on our successes and mobilize community leaders to act and implement programs and policy changes in areas we need to improve here in Oklahoma County, such as diversion work in our criminal justice system. OCCHD continues to focus on working to build data systems and work with business and community leaders and other organizations to leverage resources to increase quality of life for OKC residents.

Efforts to further improve our health outcomes will continue to focus on increased efficiency, traditional and non-traditional partnerships and population-driven strategies that reflect our diverse community’s identified needs. For the full County Health Rankings report visit