Plan Review/New Construction

Plans (blueprints) are reviewed prior to construction or remodel of commercial facilities that are regulated by the OKC-County Health Department. Plans are reviewed to ensure compliance with the various rules and regulations governing these facilities.

Our staff works closely with city plan examiners, city licensing personnel, city permit personnel, city inspectors, city and state fire marshals, contractors, property owners, business owners and architects.

In addition to municipal code requirements, the Oklahoma State Food Code requires proposed new or remodeled food establishments to submit construction plans for review.


Plan review fees can be paid online by accessing our online payment system. When accessing the online payment system, please choose "Plans Review" in the dropdown menu.

Please remember that along with your payment, a plan review application still needs to be submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What needs to be included in the plans?

    The plans should include the following items:

    • A site plan that includes the water source and the method of sewage disposal.
    • A floor plan that indicates the location of all sinks and equipment. The sinks and equipment must be clearly labeled, marked or identified. Elevation drawings may be requested.
    • A plumbing plan showing the water and wastewater connection to each fixture. Include the location of the floor drains.
    • A lighting plan.
    • A finish schedule which includes materials to be used for the floors, base, walls and ceilings.
    • A mechanical plan if the lodging establishment includes an indoor public bathing place.
    • Other information that may be required for the proper review of the proposed construction, conversion or modification.
  • Q: What are the facilities regulated by OCCHD that require plan submittal?
    • Food Service Facilities Restaurants, retail food, bars, school cafeterias, etc.
    • Lodging Facilities
    • Public Swimming Pools/Spas Including associated clubhouses
    • Childcare Centers
    • Food Manufacturers and Food Warehouses
  • Q: When does the Oklahoma State Food Code require plans?

    310:257-15-6. When Plans are required [FDA 8-201.11]

    A license applicant or license holder shall submit to the regulatory authority properly prepared plans and specifications for review and approval before:

    • (1)The construction of a food service establishment;
    • (2)The conversion of an existing structure for use as a food service establishment; or
    • (3)The remodeling of a food service establishment or a change of type of food service establishment or food operation;
    • (4)if the regulatory authority determines that plans and specifications are necessary to ensure compliance with the food code.

  • Q: Are there fees associated with the health departments plan review?

    Yes, there is an application and plan review fee required to be submitted with the plans for all food service establishments and lodging facilities.

  • Q: Where can I find the plan review applications?

    They are on this webpage under Helpful Forms. They can also be obtained by visiting our office located at 2400 NW 36th Street in Oklahoma City or by calling (405) 425- 4347.