Facility and Nuisance Complaints

The Oklahoma City-County Health Department (OCCHD) is only able to investigate complaints in Oklahoma City limits and Oklahoma County. OCCHD investigates a wide variety of complaints regarding the public's health and safety. Click here for information and handouts about common pests of public health concerns. Some of the various types of complaints we respond to are:

  • Food establishment complaints
  • Foodborne illness complaints
  • Insect and rodent problems
  • Stagnant bodies of water that breed mosquitoes
  • Bad odors coming from a property
  • Excessive animal feces
  • Single and multi-unit housing complaints
  • Hotel and motel complaints
  • Animal bites and rabies incidents
  • Emergency response to natural and man-made disasters affecting public health

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our FAQ section before filling out your complaint. Many people often have questions about the type of complaints that the OKC-County Health Department investigates. This section will help explain the kinds of issues we can assist you with.

To file a complaint, please fill out our complaint form