It's Not Too Late To Get A Flu Shot!


• Only injectable flu shots are recommended this season.
• Flu vaccines have been updated to better match circulating viruses.
• Vaccination should continue throughout the flu season, even in January or later. Some young children might need two doses of vaccine. A health care provider can advise on how many doses a child should get.

OCCHD offers:
VFC Vaccine available for children through 18 years of age who:
• Are uninsured (without health insurance)
• Have Medicaid insurance coverage
• Are underinsured (have insurance that does not cover vaccinations)
• Are American Indian or Alaska Native
**File with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Health Choice insurances.
**Cost for vaccine, if not covered, $25.00

Gary Cox Health Clinic
2700 NE 63rd Street
OKC, OK 73111
Southern Oaks Health Clinic
6728 S Hudson Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73139
West Health Clinic
4330 NW 10th Street
OKC, OK 73107