Case Review Team Login

All Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) Project information (including case summaries) and Case Review Team (CRT) discussions are regarded as anonymous and confidential. By opening these files you agree to:

  • Protect and secure all information in your possession;
  • Destroy any printed case information or leave it with FIMR staff to destroy after each review;
  • Avoid discussing information about individual cases and the proceedings of the CRT outside of the CRT meeting.
  • Not duplicate or record any part of case specific material or case summary information for use outside of the review process;
  • Not discuss or share information about the FIMR Project, the case review process, case review findings or any other aspect of FIMR with the media (print, television or radio), professional associations, colleagues, or other entities without the consent of the FIMR Coordinator.