Maternal and Child Health Outreach (MCHO)

The Maternal and Child Health Outreach (MCHO) project provides leadership in initiating selected interventions to reduce infant mortality based on recommendations and data provided by the Central Oklahoma Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) Program. MCHO continues that work by identifying and building relationships that play a key role in transitioning successful strategies to our community partners.

MCHO offers education, information, and resources to help families who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy or infant cope with some of life's more difficult challenges. Services may include support and guidance for dealing with stress, depression, grief and mourning or abuse. Social workers may be able to assist with addressing some basic needs such as resources for food, transportation or adequate housing.

MCHO works to raise public awareness and education on both the community and individual levels in order to promote positive health practices and to improve the overall health of mothers and infants.

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