Tips for Classroom Teachers

  • Health departments across the country have up-to-date information about the West Nile Virus on their websites.
  • You can find the latest Oklahoma County facts about the West Nile Virus on our Fight the Bite section of this website.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website also offers information
  • Allowing students outdoors for recess poses no greater risk to the West Nile Virus than if they were outside at home - just be wary of mosquitoes.

Tips For Activities and Athletic Directors/Staff

  • Early morning, near dusk, and after dark events pose a potential risk for you, your students, and other people attending or participating. These are the times when mosquitoes are most likely to be out feeding.
  • Work with your school's administration and safety office to eliminate standing, stagnant water, a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Remind students and spectators of the importance of using DEET repellent products according to the directions on the label. Encourage them to wear long sleeves and long pants if possible.
  • At events, remind the crowd to protect themselves and their communities by helping eliminate mosquito breeding areas.

Tips For Administrators

  • Communicate to your faculty, staff, and students - make sure they know how to protect themselves and what you are doing to assure a safe campus.
  • Contact your local health department or city public works department for information about mosquito control in your area.
  • Consider scheduling outside events during daylight hours rather than in the evening.