General Requirements for Obtaining an OKC Animal Shelter or Kennel License

The following is a list of general requirements for obtaining an Oklahoma City Animal Shelter/Kennel License. One should also consult the Oklahoma Municipal Code concerning specific Animal Shelter.

First, determine if the area where the kennel is to be located is properly zoned. This can be completed by contacting the City of Oklahoma City Zoning Department at (405) 297-2623 or the Oklahoma County Assessors office at (405) 713-1361.

Submit detailed plans and specifications along with the plan review application and a twenty dollar ($20) plan review fee to the OKC-County Health Department (OCCHD) to construct or remodel any animal shelter or kennel. Written approval of plans and specifications must be obtained from OCCHD prior to construction or remodeling.

Plans and specifications for animal shelters or kennels shall be in compliance with Municipal Code and must include descriptions of the proposed ventilation system, plumbing equipment, and finishes of floors, walls, and ceilings.

Animal housing areas must be physically separated from areas in which food and/or drink for human consumption is prepared, served or stored and from any living and or sleeping areas of animal shelter or kennel personnel.

All animal shelters or kennels must be inspected by OCCHD prior to the issuance of a license. OCCHD may make periodic inspections of all licensed facilities to achieve compliance with applicable requirements.