Public Bathing Places

Each Public Bathing Place (PBP) must have a license issued by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Contact the State Health Department for any questions regarding renewal of the State License, at (405) 271-5243, or by email: For new owners, contact the Oklahoma City-County Health Department for inspections and licensing. State license fees for new pools and new owners is $125.00, $75.00 for annual renewal, and a $50.00 annual securing fee for existing pools that are not in operation. Copies of the state public bathing regulations can be found here.

Healthy swimming recommendations from the CDC can be found here.

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children ages 1-4. For preventative measures, you can look here.

Looking to keep your own pool safe? Here are the top violations found in the Oklahoma City-County area over the past year: Top 5 Violations.

"Pools 'Open to the General Public' are those that allow unrestricted admission to the facility during regular hours, with or without a fee. Those that maintain admission restrictions such as membership requirements, or class registration, are still 'Public Bathing Places' according to the definition in the state statutes, but are considered 'Not Open to the General Public.'"

Public Bathing Place Operator Report forms can be found here

Oklahoma City and Edmond both require each public bathing place to maintain a current annual license from the Oklahoma City-County Health Department, in addition to the state license. Pools must pass inspection before a license can be issued. The fee is $50.00 per year. The city licenses expire on June 30th each year. To make a payment for a city license, please access our online payment system here.

For more information regarding Public Bathing Places, please contact the specific Program Coordinator

The OKC-County Health Department offers Public Bathing Place Operator training and certification courses (aka Pool School).

In this course, a Public Bathing Place Operator will learn the following:

  • Public Bathing Place code requirements (state and local)
  • Water quality and water balance
  • Recirculation systems (filters, feeders) and their function andgeneral operation
  • Health and safety topics such as recreational waterborne illnesses, entrapment, drowning prevention, etc.

  • The Operator is responsible for:

  • Proper record keeping
  • Water testing (Those using Taylor test kits can watch instructional demos here.)
  • Safety
  • Observation
  • Maintenance
  • General operation

  • Operator Requirements

    The Pool Operator manual used in our trainings can be downloaded here. A Spanish version of our Pool Operator manual can be downloaded here.

    Each public bathing place facility must be maintained under the supervision and direction of a properly trained operator. The Public Bathing Operator CPO, must be a full-time supervisory employee at each facility. Many times, a facility needs more than one operator to cover the facility for weekends, vacation, illness, etc. For safety reasons, operators should be able to read and understand English.

    Certifications issued by the Oklahoma City-County Health Department are good for 3 years from the date of issue.

    A certificate issued by the OKC-County Health Department is required in Oklahoma City and Edmond. If you work in one of these municipalities and have received your training elsewhere, you must bring your certificate to the health department to obtain a CPO certificate from our office. The cost is $8 and you must show a photo ID. It is recommended that you call ahead if you have taken a course from a provider not listed below. In addition, your course curriculum must first be submitted by the course instructor to our Public Bathing Place coordinator for approval.

    Operators in Oklahoma County, but not in Oklahoma City or Edmond, will still need current certifications from courses approved by the Department. The Curriculum must be submitted by the course instructor.

    Third party course curricula (courses not held by the department) must be submitted annually, by January 1st for the following year, and when any changes are made. Approved providers for the current year are listed here.

    Oklahoma State Department of Health

    Tulsa City-County Health Department

    The National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF)

    Those who obtain the national Certification will need to prove knowledge of state requirements before they can be approved as Oklahoma City/County pool operators (and will still need to obtain our certificate if in OKC/Edmond).

    Enrollment and Payment for operator training
    "Pool School"

    Please fill out and submit the registration form, along with payment of $25.00 per person. We accept cash, checks or money orders.

    For credit card users, you are welcome to use our online payment system. Please be sure to select >>Pool School "Operator Training"<< in the cart. After paying online, download a registration form, fill it out, email it to or fax it to (405) 419-4227 along with order number from the online payment confirmation email you receive.

    If you'd like to send in a check, please make checks payable to the OKC-County Health Department OCCHD. Class date and/or enrollee name may be changed up to 3 business days in advance of the class. A confirmation of enrollment will be sent to the email address provided on the registration form.

    If there are questions, to check an enrollment, or to make changes, please call (405) 425-4348, or email

    Challenge Testing

    Operators may challenge the test. This involves taking the same test used in the class, without sitting through the lecture/instruction. Upon arrival for the test, operators are provided a copy of our Pool Operator Manual, and the test is currently "open book". Download and fill out the Pool School Registration Form above, and circle the challenge test date you would like to attend. Email the completed registration form to, and the $25.00 fee can be paid here. Alternatively, the registration form and payment can be mailed or hand delivered to our office, at:

    OCCHD-Consumer Protection

    4900 Richmond Square STE 200

    Oklahoma City, OK 73118

    We do not recommend that new operators challenge the test. Challenge testing is conducted the first Wednesday of each month, except for Holidays, with added test dates when warranted by demand. Registration and payment must be received at least 3 days in advance, to reserve your spot.

    Challenge tests begin at 9:00 am. The location of the challenge test varies, though is usually here at Consumer Protection Office (address above), and will be provided in a confirmation email sent to the email address provided on the registration form.

    For more information regarding Public Bathing Places, please contact the specific Program Coordinator