The Wellness Score was developed by OCCHD as a way to identify and prioritize areas of health interventions in Oklahoma County.

OCCHD Agency Services Directory

The Agency Services Directory is a comprehensive look at all the clinical services and community programs OCCHD provides.

Wellness Now Brochure

This brochure provides a summary of our Wellness Now Initiative and how you can help. We also have an end-of-the-year report for all of the Wellness Now Coalition's accomplishments through 2013.

Community Health Assessment

Community health assessments are a critical part of public health practice that is used to describe the health of the community by using health status, community health needs, resources, and epidemiologic analysis of current health problems. This assessment is the basis for our local public health planning.

2014 Annual Report

This report provides a glimpse into the multitude of activities and improvements we have undertaken at OCCHD, including becoming one of the first local health departments in the entire nation to become accredited by the National Public Health Accreditation Board.

OCCHD Agency Brochure

The Agency Brochure is a quick overview of services, programs, and contact information.

Community Health Improvement Plan

The Community Health Improvement Plan consists of two main phases: The initial phase required a holistic assessment of our community, and the second phase involves our community partners in planning strategic, targeted interventions to improve health outcomes where our community's needs are greatest.

Parent Express Newsletter

The Parent Express Newsletter is created by our Child Guidance department quarterly.

Becoming a High Achieving Public Health Department in 2020 and Beyond