Food Service Operator Certification is required in the municipalities of Oklahoma City, Midwest City, Warr Acres, Spencer, The Village, Nichols Hills, Harrah and Del City. This Certification is a manager's level certification. Each food service establishment is required to have at least one certified Food Service Operator. This certification involves 14 hours of class work and successfully passing an examination. The person obtaining this certification must be employed at the establishment and be in a position to supervise and train employees.

How to Obtain a Food Manager's Certificate

Certification may be obtained through the methods listed below:

  • Attend an approved class and successfully pass the exam
  • Study online and successfully pass the exam at a testing site
  • Reciprocity from a nationally recognized Food Manager's Class that is approved by OCCHD

When and Where are the Classes Offered?

Note: Classes are not offered at OCCHD facilities.
Dates and Times for Classes in 2018.

Who is required to have a Food Protection Manager's Certificate?

At least one employee in each food service establishment is required to have a Food Protection Manager Certificate. This employee must be able to train other employees on safe food handling practices. This employee is expected to be present in the facility on a regular basis.

Changes to Oklahoma City municipal ordinance involving Food Manager Requirements.
Oklahoma City will continue to require at least one employee in each establishment to have a Food Manager Certification. This certification must come from one of the exams approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) - Conference for Food Protection. The change that has occurred is the employee is no longer required to bring the certificate and register it with the Health Department. The original certificates must be posted in the food establishments and will be recognized for five (5) years. If you have any other Food Manager questions, please contact the Food Education Coordinator.

Online Options

Individuals may choose to obtain their training online. OCCHD recognizes exams approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) - Conference for Food Protection. The training and/or tests may be taken by contacting these companies directly and choosing the option that best fits your needs.

If you choose one of these options, training may be done at your own pace on a personal computer; however, testing must be done at an approved testing site under the observation of a certified proctor. These online companies offer several levels of training. Please make sure you are enrolling in the correct manager-level course and taking a proctored test. Please note that some of these companies require you to complete the online training in order to enroll in the test.

The nationally-recognized testing options are:

National Registry of Food Safety Professionals
Name of Exam: Food Safety Manager Certification


Name of Course: Certified Professional Food Manager

Name of Course: ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification
Class description: Food Protection Manager Training & Certification

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