Staceee Hoye

Pre-pandemic: Immunizations Nurse | COVID Response: Swab Testing

"We figured out quickly that we would need to rely on each other. That we needed to support each other, mind, body and spirit. And we have become a much more cohesive group, and much more loving to make sure that we get through this like everybody else in the community. We're here for each other and some days are harder than others and so someone else helps to pick up that slack. I think that [bond] post-covid is going to benefit us so much more. Not only as employees here at OCCHD, but nursing as a whole."


Pre-pandemic: Epidemiologist | COVID Response: Case Investigator Group Supervisor

"The thing that makes me proud about working here at OCCHD, especially during this time, is knowing that what we're doing is making a difference in people's lives. I'm sure a lot of people feel like we do, they're over it. But I enjoy public service so that's what makes me proud and keeps me going. Knowing that there are those that will accept our help, that will accept our guidance and know that we're here for them. That's what really drives me and makes me proud"

Lynnda Parker

Pre-pandemic: Clinical Services Administrator
COVID Response: Clinical Services Operation Manager

“One day I was overseeing the clinics and the next day we were getting a phone call to send nurses out to do some testing. From then on I was asked to work in the incident command system… The world seemed to stop at that moment and everyone had to start making decisions for their local communities.”